My chin is lifted, toned and tightened. I could not get over the fact it was non-surgical, it felt incredible!

Gail Porter February 28, 2019


The Strawberry Lift is incredible! As someone who hates needles this is the perfect solution – a completely non-surgical lower facelift. I love my new supermodel jawline, I can’t stop talking about it. Thank you Laser Lipo!

Samantha Fox February 28, 2019


It’s one of those treatments that you’d never think of having until you see how incredible the results are – it makes such a huge difference to your face overall and I feel better about how my chin looks. It’s really quick to have done too, so perfect for busy mums like me.

Cara De La Hoyde February 28, 2019


I was getting a bit of stick about my ‘dad-bod’ in the press and saw a comment about a double chin – I knew I had to do something about it. I honestly can’t believe how much of a difference Strawberry Lift made after just one treatment! I’m so happy that Cara told me to get it done.

Nathan Massey February 28, 2019


I am honestly blown away by the results of my first treatment – it’s like a face and neck lift but completely non-surgical. There was absolutely no downtime and I felt very relaxed during the whole procedure. I genuinely cannot wait for my next Strawberry Lift treatment!”

Lisa Snowdon February 28, 2019