Hair Loss Treatment

If you suffer with loss of or thinning of hair, we offer an effective hair rejuvenation treatment

What Is Hair Loss Treatment?
If you suffer with the loss of, or the thinning of hair, we offer an effective hair rejuvenation treatment. Using PRP, Pluryal Mesoline HAIR® and Pluryal Mesoline ANTIOX®, this treatment is a powerful cocktail of scientifically proven agents that works to reduce the causes of hormonal and non-hormonal hair loss in both men and women.

How Does It work?
PRP (platelet-rich-plasma) is found within our blood. The growth factors in our blood enable our bodies to heal and regenerate, so can be used to stimulate hair growth. For hormonal hair loss, PRP is combined with Pluryal Mesoline HAIR which contains ingredients that are designed for the treatment of Androgenic Alopecia. For non-hormonal hair loss, PRP is combined with Pluryal Mesoline ANTIOX which contains antioxidants, amino acids and minerals designed for the treatment of non-hormonal hair loss.

Does It Hurt?
No. The method we use has little to no discomfort .

During & After The Treatment
To be able to extract the PRP from your body we will need to collect a small amount of blood from your arm, similar to a routine blood test. The blood is then placed in a centrifuge that spins the blood at high speeds which allows the platelets to separate from the other blood cells.
Along with the PRP, the Pluryal® products are then delivered to the affected area through a series of painless injections.

The whole procedure takes approximately 60 minutes
There is no downtime and minimal treatment after this treatment. We advise that you do not use any products on the treated area for 24 hours post treatment to ensure the area is kept clean to reduce any chance of infection. We will give you a full list of do’s and don’ts & after care advice, but if you are concerned about anything, please call us.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?
For optimum results, we recommend that you have 1 session per month for 3 months.
We also recommend to repeat this treatment after 6 months, to help maintain results.


Cutislift combines radio-frequency with microneedling technology to stimulate collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid beneath the skin.

Cutislift combines radio-frequency with micro needling technology to stimulate collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid beneath the skin. Tightens, lifts and smooths skin and is an ideal treatment for the neck.

What is the Cutislift?
CUTIS LIFT combines radio-frequency with micro needling technology to stimulate collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid beneath the skin. The superfine gold-tipped needles target the deeper dermal layer, transforming cells to give tighter, smoother and younger-looking skin after just one session.

How Does it Work?
The unique cold hammer handle is used to reduce pain and swelling after treatment. This works by contracting blood vessels, tightening the capillaries and greatly improving pore size. It strengthens collagen fibers, leaving skin plumper and more elastic, smoothing wrinkles and crow’s feet, and works to reduce varicose veins, floating tendons and venous reflux, purifying and detoxifying to improve desalination and the elimination of spots.

What Areas Can Be Treated?

  • Rejuvenates Face & Neck
  • Brightens & Lightens Dull Skin
  • Non Surgical Facelift
  • Reduces Signs of Fine Lines and Wrinkles
  • Reduces Acne Scars & Other Scars
  • Smooths Stretch Marks
  • Acne

How Does Cutislift Treat Acne?
CUTIS LIFT’s radio- frequency, insulated needle acne pen is unique and can treat all types of active acnes and pimples. It is especially effective at treating recurring acne, and can be used on all areas including the chest and back. Traditional treatments such as exfoliation, medication, LED or laser are focused on skin damaged by acne but often only solve problems temporarily. With CUTIS LIFT, the acne pen destroys the root of the acne ensuring no recurrence.

During & After Treatment
Treatments are safe on all skin types and there is minimal downtime. The treatment is not painful, with single use treatment heads for every client. We recommend 3 treatments, 6 weeks apart for optimum results, but there is a visible difference after one treatment.

Are you suffering with Mask-ne? Our Skin Therapist Abi shares her top tips….


With the use of face masks and coverings becoming part of our daily life some clients have been asking how to deal with breakouts across the jawline and chin that have resulted from wearing one. Mask-ne (aka mask acne) is something we may have to live with until we no longer have a need to protect against the virus. That being said, understanding what is causing it and how to reduce it will make life more comfortable when you take that trip to the shops.

Blackheads, breakouts and increased oiliness are all signs of acne mechanica, a form of acne that results from heat and friction. If you’re already to prone to breakouts, then wearing a face mask will exacerbate the condition. However, those who don’t normally suffer with acne are experiencing these issues too.

Face masks and coverings are purposely meant to sit close to the skin to prevent any viral droplets from escaping. Trapping the breath increases the temperature and humidity close to the skin, increasing sweating and that mixed with friction can accelerate the skins oil and cell production. This can then lead to congestion and clogging of the skin, as well as providing an ideal environment for acne bacteria to grow.

So how do we prevent and treat mask-ne? The first and most important thing to do is make sure you are always wearing a clean mask. If you have a re-usable fabric mask then this must be washed at 60 degrees after each day and left to dry thoroughly, so make sure you have a couple spare for whilst the others are being washed and dried. If you have decided to use disposable masks, then please make sure that you are only wearing it once and dispose of it safely. Keeping your mask clean is important for protecting against coronavirus, but other bacteria can survive in them too, so this is the first step in preventing mask-ne.

If you’re just heading to the shops, avoid wearing make-up on the area that the mask is going to cover. You could opt for our ZO Skin Health Smart Tone SPF 50 for a glowy tint instead. Salicylic acid is a great ingredient at keeping those breakouts at bay. It reduces clogging of your pores and kills acne bacteria so it would be worth investing in a cleanser such as the ZO Skin Health Exfoliating Cleanser which contains salicylic acid.

Keeping your skin hydrated using a light-weight moisturizer will help build your skins lipid barrier, in turn this will help regulate sebum (oiliness) and also reduce that irritation caused by friction of the mask. Spot treatments can help with breakouts that have already appeared, we love ZO Skin Health Correct + Conceal but it’s best to get your skincare therapists advice on what products would help you best.

Whilst signs of acne may be the focus of concern, masks may also cause redness, dryness or sensitive patches. In this instance your lipid barrier is compromised and we need to soothe that discomfort. AlumierMD Recovery Balm or ZO Skin Health Hydrating Crème are both focused on relieving irritation whilst helping replenish the skins natural moisture and aiding recovery. Opt for a gentle cleanser and a non-abrasive exfoliator such as AlumierMD Bright & Clear to keep skin clean whilst reducing irritation.

It may be a while before we can say goodbye to face masks, investing in your skin now will help you in the future. It is best to consult your skincare therapist first before buying any products as there may be other skin conditions that need to be considered. Book a skin consultation now on 01277 563635.

Fat Dissolving Injections

Help those stubborn areas of fat whether it be your double chin, the arms, back or tummy, Fat Dissolving Injections, also known as Lipolysis can be the perfect solution.

What Are Fat Dissolving Injections
Many of us are concerned with areas of excessive fat on the body and face that are hard to shift, no matter how much we exercise, or follow a healthy eating plan. Fat Loss Injections can help those stubborn pockets of fat without undergoing invasive surgery such as liposuction.

How Does It Work?
The treatment targets fat deposits and permanently dissolves them using fine injections. Scientifically proven Pluryal products are used for different areas of the body. FaceContour for dissolving fat on the face and neck & Body Contour for dissolving fat on the body. Unlike other fat dissolving treatments, the treatment also includes Bodyfirm, which is used for firming up the tissues after the fat dissolving injections.

What areas can be treated?
Fat Loss Injections are effective for small stubborn areas of fat, typically found under the chin, neck, arms, tummy and thighs. For optimum results, we recommend a course of three treatments, one month apart. However, in some cases, not all three treatments may be necessary. Visit us for a complimentary consultation to see if the treatment would help the area you are concerned with.

During & After Treatment
The treatment takes about 60 minutes and is not painful. Lidocaine and numbing cream is used to ensure that the treatment is comfortable. Post treatment you may notice mild soreness and/or bruising/swelling, which should subside in 2 weeks. We will give you a full list of do’s and don’ts & after care advice, but if you are concerned about anything, please call us.

Far Too Many Lockdown Snacks

Firstly, I hope you are all keeping safe and well in these difficult times that we find ourselves in.

I thought I would share with you, my lockdown experience so far – specifically my eating and drinking habits, which seemed to have gone a little wayward!

Before I joined The Face, I worked for another clinic in the wellness industry, and part of my role, was to coach clients through a wellness programme. I am not qualified as a nutritionist or a personal trainer, but, as a mentor alongside health professionals, I helped people to learn new habits that drastically improved their physical and mental well-being.

Now, the reason I am telling you this is because I couldn’t mentor people effectively, unless I practiced what I preached. I can honestly say, that the simple changes and new habits became an every day part of my routine and I felt so much better than I had done in years. It all made sense, it wasn’t rocket science – clean eating, daily exercise, mindfulness & essential vitamin supplements. Don’t get me wrong, I was starting to slip a bit with too many treats and too much alcohol, but the basic habits had been changed and had stuck. Until……….

Boris Johnson announced that we were on lockdown! All of a sudden, overnight, it all went out of the window 😩.

We are a family of 5, and for four years, I have fed my family clean eating meals and they haven’t complained (well not too much). But as soon as the announcement came out, my head said
“We can’t go out anymore, we need to make this experience as good as we can, so we are going to make food our entertainment – every day!” And that is how it started.

I made the excuse that I couldn’t get the food that we normally ate, because the supermarket shelves were empty. I made the excuse that after a day in lockdown, I deserved “a reward” for getting through it. I made the excuse that because I was going for my daily walk I had burnt off the calories. I made the excuse that because the sun was shining and we were all working from home, it was like a holiday, so I could have a glass of wine every night. I made the excuse that because we were on lockdown, I suddenly needed to practice for the auditions of Great British Bake Off. And the excuses just kept coming….my berries and yoghurt for breakfast were replaced with toast (or worse – nothing), my salad for lunch was replaced with a sandwich, my afternoon snack of nuts or a Nakd Bar was replaced with a slice of homemade cake and then whilst I was preparing our carb laden dinner feast I snacked on crisps whilst having my first glass of wine.

Has this improved my lockdown experience !?! Arghh no. I really don’t feel great at all!

So this weekend, I sat myself down and gave myself a good talking to, drawing upon all the experience and knowledge I had learnt before. And this is what I told myself:

Physically, we only need clean food to survive. Back to caveman days: what we can grow and what we can catch. All the other treats we eat are because we have an emotional attachment to them, not because we need them to survive. That happiness of eating a bar of chocolate, only lasts for the actual time we are eating it for. So, I need to ask myself “Do I really need this, or am I looking for a short lived instant gratification”. The phrase, a moment on the lips is a lifetime on the hips rings true.

Don’t let yourself get hungry. Eating small clean portions of food regularly, will stop that feeling of immense hunger. When we are hungry we will grab something quick, that will fill us up instantly, which is usually the wrong food. Eating sugary foods or foods that contain complex carbohydrates, cause a sugar spike, so we feel full, but then get hungry again quickly. Concentrate on protein and good carbs (vegetables and salad). And don’t miss breakfast!

Plan! Plan! Plan! When I am working, I take a salad to the clinic for lunch every day. It stops me going to buy lunch when I am hungry, when I am more likely to make the wrong choices. A salad with protein (piece of chicken or salmon), will fill you up and keep you filling fuller for longer than a sandwich. Have healthy snacks available (natural nuts and cut up veg work well). Our evening meals are always planned, and often in the slow cooker or partly prepared, so they are ready as soon as we are. We can still plan and pre-prepare in lockdown.

If you are hungry…drink. And I don’t mean alcohol! Our brain, often sends hungry signals, when in fact we are thirsty. Drink water consistently throughout the day to keep hydrated. We should be drinking at least 2 litres per day.

Keep up good quality exercise. Exercise is only effective if our heart rates are raised. 20 minutes per day of exercise that raises our heart rate is better than a slow one hour amble taking the dog for a walk.

Anxiety and worry is a big part of lockdown that has affected many people. Our brains are constantly thinking, wondering, trying to work out what is going to happen next. It is important to allow our brains to switch off and relax sometimes and mindfulness is a great way to achieve this. Headspace is a really good free app that helps you practice mindfulness if you have never tried it before. This is a habit that I need to get back into on a daily basis.

Treat yourself. Any habits that are to become a daily part of your life, need to have some flexibility in order to maintain them. But the difference is the way you think about them. When having the occasional bread or a slice of cake becomes a treat, instead of you normal way of eating, you know you’ve made the change. And its ok to have a couple of glasses of wine – just not a bottle and not every day!

Can I get back on track? – of course! I haven’t broken my habits for long enough that the new ones will stick. Let’s call it a 4 week treat 🤣

I hope some of you will resonate with my excuses for my poor healthy choices, it is certainly a strange time at the moment. I am looking forward to a healthier second half of this lockdown, not just because I will feel so much better both mentally and physically, but I’m also a bit concerned that my work tunic won’t fit 😬

Miss you all… thanks for listening!

Stay safe and well

Karen xxx

Karen’s Facial Aesthetic Journey

Hi, I am Karen and I have the enviable task of managing Chrissy’s Facial Aesthetic Clinic… a job which I love.
New clients that come to the clinic are naturally nervous and are keen to hear about the treatments that we have personally had, (maybe I need to stop telling them I’m really 70!)
I’ll reveal my own skin care and facial aesthetic journey here in my tell all blog :-0

Two years ago, when I helped Chrissy to open The Face, I had never had any type of facial aesthetic treatment – although looking back at the “before”photos it was evident that I needed it 🤣.

Chrissy advised me to start by changing my skin care routine (which was pretty non-existent anyway). I’d generally buy an expensive cream and when I didn’t become Angelina Jolie overnight the Product would be left to reside in my bedside drawer with the rest of the boots beauty counter!
After a consultation with Chrissy I began using ZO Skin Health anti-ageing products at home and kick started it with an in-clinic ZO Red Carpet Peel. Wow! My skin felt brand new!
I quickly got used to my AM and PM routine, my skin felt smoother and hydrated almost immediately and it is reassuring to know that what you are putting on your skin is actually doing something rather than just sitting on the top of it. (Or in my drawer!) I quickly noticed a difference and the longer term results are fantastic and I often get complimented on how my skin looks now.

I was quite nervous about going down the Botox route and once again took Chrissy’s advice and started with just my Crows Feet. People commented that I looked “fresher”, to which I replied “its the Botox!!” Loving my fresh new look I now regularly have Botox for my Crows Feet, Frown, Forehead, Chin and Jawline (to help with my saggy jowls). Chrissy is so careful with the amount she uses so that it looks natural – I still like movement and I didn’t want the frozen look which some people prefer. Even my husband, who was very worried about me looking too different, (at least thats what he told me) now lets me know when it has worn off 🙄.

When we introduced the new Strawberry Lift treatment, which is a non-invasive treatment for double chin and jawline toning, I was first in the queue to be a model on our training day. I think that those sagging jowls we get when we are older, are more of an age giveaway than wrinkles, so anything to help my jawline was very gratefully received! I could see the results after the first treatment, especially just under my chin. There was definitely a difference and I went on to have further treatments which were recommended for optimum results. The results are subtle, but it really has made a difference and it is a great completely painless alternative to other more invasive procedures.

The Hydrafacial, in my opinion, is a complete game changer in terms of facials. Don’t get me wrong, the Alumier and ZO facials were great and did a fantastic job on the quality of my skin, but the Hydrafacial is so different to having a manual facial. You feel as though the “little hoover” is sucking out everything bad that is in your skin (this is not the technical description for it!), Each different stage (6 in total), the machine works towards an instant glow and amazing feeling skin. The gunk tank where you can see all the rubbish that has come out is 😝… but at least you know it has worked!

I still had an area in the middle of my cheeks, that had quite deep lines when I smiled. Having seen the fantastic results Chrissy was achieving with Profhilo (which actually looks like an instagram filter), I asked Chrissy if she thought it would help those lines. Chrissy thought that the skin booster treatment Sunekos would be more effective, as it targets specific areas. I recently had 4 treatments, a week apart. There had been some debate over wether this treatment needed numbing. Chrissy (who hates hurting anyone), had been numbing all her clients prior to the injections, but the needles are so fine, she wondered if it was really necessary. The first treatment I had, we numbed one half of my face and not the other. I can honestly say there was no difference at all and went on to have the rest of my treatments without numbing cream…it felt just the same as Botox. We are still waiting for the full results to show (6 weeks after the last treatment), but so far I am delighted, and looking at other clients before and afters I’m genuinely excited. The lines are so much softer and people have already started to notice that there is something different 😃.

My latest treatment has been a bit of Cryotherapy. Clare came back from her Cryotherapy training and asked me if there was anything she could remove. So, I said “ Yep, I have a pesky little skin tag on my neck – you can take that off if you want!” It was honestly the quickest treatment I have ever had, completely painless and 2 weeks later the skin tag had gone. Follow us on social media (@thefaceessex) and you will be able to see my video selfie of the treatment if you want to see it in action.

So what’s next for 2020……
I am still very tempted to have a threadlift this year as seeing Chrissy’s amazing results you can’t help but get the “I want that new fresh feeling too!” It could rid my Face of any remaining bits of saggy jowls and help my nasolabial folds…. or maybe some cheek filler 🤔. Actually, it will be whatever Chrissy advises.
I would definitely like Abi to Microblade by eyebrows, to save me from spending so much time pencilling them in every morning and just having defined eyebrows seems to give a more youthful look. That’s if she gets a spare appointment for me… word has got round how amazing her work is and she is very busy.
There is a new treatment that I can’t wait to try this year. The Fat Loss Injections 😆. Watch this space as Chrissy tackles my tummy – good luck with that one Chrissy.

So, it just leaves me to say thank you to Chrissy and our Skin Care Therapists for all the fabulous treatments and letting me be a guinea pig for some of them – it’s tough job but someone has to do it 😉

How to Look After your skin as the seasons change

Do you need a revamp to your skin care routine to get you through autumn & winter?

As we get ready to switch our central heating back on and with a combination of freezing wind and low-humidity levels you are likely to experience dryness and flakiness. The cold weather is tough on your skin and the drier the air, the more moisture it sucks out of your skin. If you are suffering with dry tight skin and notice a winter rash or eczema it’s time to revamp your skin care routine. It is essential for this reason to maintain good hydration levels, both on the inside and outside of your body. Your current daily routine which should include a cleanser, exfoliator, moisturiser and SPF cream may not be suffice throughout the autumn & winter. To get the most out of your skin and keep it hydrated introducing serums into your daily routine can not only protect but also add valuable hydration to your skin. If you are suffering with dry, tight irritated skin ensure your serums contain some of these key ingredients:

Sodium Hyaluronate a form of hyaluronic acid, hydrates by drawing water into the outer layers from deep within the skin.

Aloe which contains amino acids, vitamins and minerals to help sooth and calm irritation caused by the cold weather.

Vitamin B5 acts as a humectant to lock in moisture and hydrate.

Gluconolactone which works to gently exfoliate dead skin cells and help with hydration.

Sea Whip has an active ingredient called gorgonian extract which has a powerful anti-irritant and soothing properties.

Growth factors help boost elastin and collagen production and provide protection against free radical damage.

Retinol A to help reduce the appearance of fine lines, strengthen skin and increase cell turnover.

Remember to maintain good internal hydration by drinking a minimum of 2 1/2 litres of water daily and continue to wear your SPF throughout the winter months.

If you are interested in hearing more about what you can do to improve your skin care routine come and join us for a free consultation.


Drinking Skinade on a daily basis results in firmer, more even toned, hydrated, radiant, youthful and healthier looking skin.

What is Skinade?
Skinade is a drink that supports the skin all over your body. It works from the inside out to rebuild and strengthen the collagen matrix below the skin’s surface, boost natural levels of hydration and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

The high grade collagen is sourced from fresh-water fish, which is low in sodium and avoids mercury contamination. It is a precious ingredient and each bottle includes 7000mg.

Skinade contains only the highest quality ingredients with no artificial flavours or colouring and fewer than 35 calories. With natural flavours of peach and mangosteen, it offers a pleasant tasting and convenient addition to your daily skincare regime.

Drinking Skinade on a daily basis results in firmer, more even toned, hydrated, radiant, youthful and healthier looking skin. It reduces fine lines and wrinkles and repairs connective tissue, so you’ll also benefit from stronger, healthier and faster-growing hair and nails.

The Benefits
After completing a course of skinade, many consumers have reported the following results:
Increased skin hydration and radiance
Reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
Increased skin suppleness
Healthier looking hair and nails
Improvements in skin conditions such as acne, eczema and psoriasis

The Ingredients
If you were to take Skinade’s ingredients in tablet form, you would need to swallow around 20 large tablets daily. Not only is this difficult, but the body also finds then tough to digest. The valuable nutrients would pass through your system unused instead of being absorbed by the body.

Skinade contains:
Collagen Peptides
Vitamin B Complex
Vitamin C
Omegas 3 & 6

Improving your skin with Skinade

We had heard a lot about Skinade here at The Face, so we thought we would find out more about it. We were a bit sceptical about it and the only way to see what all the fuss was about was to try it ourselves! If its Victoria Beckham’s secret then we want that secret too.

Well, we are very pleased to report that we have all found an improvement in our skin, hair and nail quality and there have been other benefits too, which, when considering that it is the equivalent of taking 20 vitamin supplements, we shouldn’t be surprised.

It is a pleasant drink that tastes like mango squash and comes in ready made bottles or handy travel sachets to mix with water.

It certainly looks like we have another addition to our personal monthly maintenance programmes!!

For more information about Skinade, please call us on 01277 563635


Hydrafacial is more than just a facial, its an experience, a feeling, a confidence and booster. Bringing out your confidence through healthy, glowing skin.

HydraFacial is so much more than just another facial. It’s an experience. A pleasure. A feeling. And a confidence booster. It focuses on the unique philosophy of ‘Skin Health for Life’. But, it’s also about much more than just great looking, healthy skin. When our skin looks good and feels good, we feel good too. That’s the difference you get with a HydraFacial.

HydraFacial uses advanced, patented vortex technology to deeply cleanse the skin and effectively deliver botanical ingredients containing nutrients such as hyaluronic acid, horse chestnut seed extract, red algae extract, copper, zinc and magnesium peptides to where they do the most good. In addition, HydraFacial also delivers powerful antioxidants to counteract damage by free radicals – from pollution, sun and stress – which can degrade the skin and accelerate the ageing process.

So, for long-term healthy skin and a glowing complexion why settle for an ordinary facial, when you can choose a HydraFacial?

HydraFacial was created to provide the best skin of your life. The technology it uses is unique. And so are the amazing results it achieves. After just one treatment you’ll look great. And feel great. Instantly. And the more you use it – the healthier your skin will become.

The HydraFacial Treatment consists of a six-stage process taking around 60 minutes with no downtime.

Deep Cleanse & Exfoliate

How Does the HydraFacial Treatment Work? from Consulting Room on Vimeo.

Your skin isn’t like everyone else’s. So, your treatment shouldn’t be either.
HydraFacial can be tailored to safely and effectively address specific skin concerns.
Using targeted protocols and specific boosters developed to help mitigate some of the most universal skin concerns our trained HydraFacial therapist will tailor your treatment to make it most exacting to your unique needs.

Boosters are available to combat ageing, acne and pigmentation

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Microblading is a technique used in permanent cosmetics to create natural looking eyebrows.

What is Microblading?
Microblading is a technique used in permanent cosmetics to create natural looking eyebrows. Using a small specially designed ‘blade’ to imitate natural eyebrow hairs, microblading creates fine crisp hair strokes that look natural but gives you the shape you’ve always desired.

How long does it last?
Everyone’s skin is unique to them, therefore acts differently so it can vary. Typically you will need a colour boost every 12-18 months, however some may be able to go longer and some not as a long.

At your initial consultation your permanent cosmetics technician will discuss longevity with you.

Does it hurt?
Topical anaesthetic is applied to make the treatment as comfortable as possible.

Would Microblading be right for me?
Microblading is suitable for almost anyone. Whether it be that you’ve over plucked in the past or have uneven shape or sparse brows that won’t grow. It’s also suitable due to medical reasons such as alopecia. Great for reducing the time you spend applying make up or boosting your confidence! We offer a free consultation to discuss whether the treatment is right for you with no obligation.

Will my eyebrows be perfect immediately after the treatment?
The first thing to remember is that eyebrows are sisters not twins! Saying that, time is spent before the treatment commences discussing with you desired shape and drawing on a template to ensure they are as symetrical as possible before making it permanent.

You also need to take into account healing time, your eyebrows will look darker than expected at first and tiny scabs form as the skin repairs itself.

You will be required to have a top up appointment 4-6 weeks after the initial treatment, at this appointment your permanent cosmetics technician will assess if there needs to be any additional hair strokes placed, if the colour needs to be darker and if any strokes are uneven in colour. Therefore, be prepared that in total it may be 12 weeks before you see the final outcome.

During & After the treatment
Expect your treatment to take around 2 hours in total. We are trained by and use the award winning KB Pro, which offer high quality, pharmaceutical pigments for long lasting and even colour in a huge variety of shades to match you perfectly. We will give you detailed after care advice, but if you are concerned about anything, please call us.

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What are the symptoms of Rosacea?

The first signs of Rosacea may be redness or flushing that comes and goes and typically affects the cheeks, nose, forehead and chin. Other symptoms can also be a burning or stinging sensation, permanent redness, spots in the form of papules/pustules and small blood vessels in the skin becoming visible. Although not life threatening, the symptoms of rosacea can leave people to feel depressed and anxious with low self esteem. Severe Rosacea can result in the thickening of facial skin, especially around the nose. This tends to affect males much more than females.

What Causes Rosacea?

The exact cause of Rosacea is unknown, but there are a lot of factors that can trigger or worsen the symptoms, including:
Hot food or drinks
Caffeine, spicy foods and dairy products
Extreme heat
Vigorous exercise
Stress & Anxiety

What Can I Do To Help My Rosacea?

Build up a list of things that trigger an outbreak and avoid them if possible
Always wear a broad-spectrum sunscreen
Avoid excessive heat
Protect your face from wind and cold in the winter by using a scarf
Reduce stress levels by eating a healthy well balanced diet, drink plenty of water, sleep well and low intensity excercise such as yoga

What clinical help is available?

Go to your doctor for advice. Sometimes anti-biotics can be prescribed for their anti-inflammatory properties.
Topical medications applied to the skin can greatly reduce the symptoms, but do not buy over the counter products as these may aggravate the symptoms. Speak to your skin care specialist for advice.

Skin Tag & Blemish Removal

Cosmetic procedures such as skin tags, milia and cherry angiomas are no longer being treated by many doctors on the NHS. With cryotherapy, we can offer you this treatment in our clinic.

What is Cryotherapy?
Cryotherapy is a fast, effective safe and new solution for the removal of skin imperfections. The Cryotherapy device is both CE and FDA registered.

How Does it Work?
It emits a fine jet of Nitrous Oxide under high pressure which allows the clinician to work with millimetre precision. This destroys the tissue by freezing the inter-cellular fluid, forming ice shards and crystals which rupture the membrane, thereby destroying the cell. That means there will be no collateral damage to healthy tissue. It’s so incredibly accurate.

What Can be Treated?
Cryotherapy offers the ideal treatment for:
Skin Tags
Solar Lentigo
Age Spots
Cherry Angioma

Does it Hurt?
There will be a pain sensation similar to a stinging nettle on the skin when the Nitrous Oxide reaches the bottom of the area. There might be a little residual stinging for a few minutes after the treatment, this is normal.

During and After Treatment
After an initial consultation to ascertain suitability for the treatment, the applicator is held as close as possible to the skin imperfection and moved quickly towards and away from it. This could be from 1-30 seconds, depending on the size and depth. Cryotherapy is a relatively low-risk procedure. It delivers a freeze directly to the area, and not the healthy surrounding tissue. The treated area may go darker over a few weeks, but will return to normal pigmented skin in about 6 weeks. We will give you a full list of do’s and don’ts and aftercare advice, but if you are concerned about anything please call us.

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Microblading – Coming Soon!

What is Microblading?

Microblading is a technique used in permanent cosmetics to create natural looking eyebrows. Using a small specifically designed ‘blade’ to imitate natural eyebrow hairs, microblading creates fine crisp hair strokes that look natural but gives you the shape you’ve always desired.

How long does it last?

Everyone’s skin is unique to them, therefore acts differently so it can vary. At your initial consultation your permanent cosmetics technician will discuss longevity with you. You will have a top up 6 weeks after your initial appointment, this is then followed by a colour boost treatment that can be taken every 1, 2 or 3 years.

Would Microblading be right for me?

Microblading is suitable for many different needs. Perhaps you’ve over plucked your eyebrows in the past and have been left with thin brows in a distorted shape, perhaps you have no hair there at all and spend 20 minutes every morning pencilling them in, perhaps you have plenty of eyebrows hairs but they are patchy and have no shape. All of these plus many more would make you a suitable client for microblading.

Will my eyebrows be perfect immediately after the treatment?

The first thing to remember is that eyebrows are sisters not twins! Saying that, your permanent cosmetics technician spends time before the treatment commences discussing with you your desired shape and drawing on a template to ensure they are as symetrical as possible before making it permanent.
You also have to take into account healing time. Implanting any kind of foreign body into the skin will naturally cause your body to reject it. For the first few weeks after your treatment the pigment can look a different colour and also darker. The skin has been cut therefore you can get tiny scabs form across the eyebrows.
You will be required to have a top up appointment 6 weeks after the initial treatment, at this appointment your permanent cosmetics technician will assess if there needs to be any additional hair strokes placed, if the colour needs to be darker and if any strokes are uneven in colour. Therefore be prepared that in total it may be 12 weeks before you see the final outcome.

Does the treatment hurt?

Topical anaesthetic is applied to make your treatment as comfortable as possible.

If you have any more questions about Microblading, please feel free to contact us on 01277 563635

IAAFA Conference & Awards Ceremony

We had a very exciting weekend at The International Academy of Advanced Facial Aesthetics.

During the day Chrissy & Karen attended the conference………..Chrissy was amongst 10 doctors from all around the world to be chosen as a speaker.  As nerve wracking as it was, Chrissy delivered her speech on Optimising Client Records superbly and had many positive comments from her fellow professionals who found her talk inspiring and very useful in an industry where the excellent management of client records is essential to comply with GDPR and client confidentiality.

The rest of the team came in the evening for the awards ceremony and IAAFA ball.  We are delighted to announce that Chrissy won The Total Face Scuplting award.  That’s two awards two years running!

We celebrated hard and needless to say, we all felt a bit jaded in the morning.

Well done Chrissy …….. We are all really proud of your hard work and achievements. Very well deserved xx

VIP AlumierMD Day – Friday 9th November 10am -5pm

Have you ever wondered what actually happens during a Facial Peel?

The word “Peel” can sound a little scary!  Coupled with a lot of horror stories about painful red flaky skin that makes you hide indoors for a week……it’s no wonder that we find a lot of our clients worry about having a facial peel.

AlumierMD offers a range of light to medium peels to avoid the side effects and downtime associated with deeper peels.

Don’t believe us??  Come and see us on Friday 9th November when you will be able to watch a facial peel demonstration and speak to our highly trained skin care therapists about exactly what they do and what to expect. Everyone is different, so our skin therapists can offer bespoke peels to make sure its right for your skin type and condition. In fact, they are so bespoke, that they tailor the peel like a jigsaw puzzle on your face to tackle different conditions in different areas. The live demos are happening at 11am and 1pm.

I just want some skin care advice

Great! That is what this VIP day is all about………….

There is no obligation to buy or book any treatments, if advice is all you need then that is absolutely fine…..pop in and have a drink, cake and a chat with us, meet the AlumierMD rep and our expert skin care therapists who will be available to talk to you about your concerns and answer any questions you may have.

If you decide to treat yourself then there are lots of great offers, including 50% off your first facial and luxury goodie bags for everyone that buys 3 or more products.

For more information call us on 01277 563635

7 Reasons Why You Should Be Getting Regular Facials…

1) It helps you to get the most out of your daily skincare routine

No matter how good you are at home with your daily routine there is likely to be some build up of dead skin and clogged pores. Seeing a professional every 4-6 weeks will ensure a thorough overall of your face. By maintaining smooth skin and refined pores, your skincare will absorb properly and do what it is supposed to.

2) Anti-ageing

Regular facials promote cell turnover, boost collagen production and maintain healthy skin balance – all of which are fabulous for preventing early ageing of the skin.

3) Professional Strength Serums

Finishing your facial with a professional strength serum is the perfect ending. Serums are more easily absorbed after a facial, penetrating the deeper layer of skin and improving the overall appearance.

4) Massage for Lymphatic Drainage

Most facials include a certain amount of facial massage, even if it’s just massaging on the products. Apart from sending us into a deep relaxation it also helps to promote lymphatic drainage which gets rid of toxins and reduces fluid retention. Flushing out these toxins also promotes better circulation which leaves your skin glowing and youthful. Which brings us on to our next point.

5) You’ll glow straight away

When facials are done right they give your skin immediate results. If you have a big event and your complexion needs a boost of radiance or its youthful glow restored, a facial can provide just what you need.

6) Professional Strength Exfoliation

It’s near impossible to avoid environmental free-radical damage. We’re bombarded daily with unavoidable toxins, UV rays and dirt that cause our skin to look dull and congested. We offer the latest innovative exfoliating skin peels. They can be customised for each client and as well as the short term benefits of glowing healthy looking skin, over time they will also help to diminish acne and other facial scarring.

7) Home Skincare Guidance

Here at The Face, we know about skin. Your therapist will get to know your skin over time and by committing to regular facials she can monitor any changes and recommend the right products for you.

Discover our new AlumierMD Facial Peels…

The double chin treatment that everyone’s talking about…

Strawberry Lift is the revolutionary new non-invasive double chin reduction treatment. This uniquely designed treatment banishes double chins and delivers a smoother, more toned jawline.
Until recently the only option for tackling stubborn fat and loose skin around the neck and jawline was a facelift or double chin lift. Well, that was until Strawberry Lift!

Results can be seen after just one treatment but a course of four is required for long-term results. We know it sounds too good to be true! But seeing is believing so we’ve included some typical before and after photos in this article.

If you’re struggling with a double chin or saggy jowls then worry no more! Strawberry Lift treatment is here to help you feel fabulous.

So how does it work we hear you ask? Here’s the sciency bit – don’t worry we’ll keep it simple. Strawberry Lift double chin treatment combines two different techniques – first 12 minutes of targeted laser therapy to disperse the fat contained within the cells resulting in them shrinking (like magic!). The lymphatic system removes these fatty deposits via the Liver and the Kidneys and any content that remains in the body is naturally passed out in the urine. Next, a brand new silent ultrasound which can be used on the neck, jowls and chin. This stimulates the body’s own collagen production to lift, tighten and define the shape of the jawline.

During the course of treatment, you will be weighed (weight gain can affect treatment results) then have photos taken before and post each procedure. As we mentioned results can be seen after one treatment however a course of four at two-week intervals is recommended for long-term results. You can pay for the treatment on an appointment by appointment basis or take advantage of a discount when booking the full course. Check our latest fees and discounts here…
Interested? Get in touch to arrange a free consultation today… 

Welcome To Our New Skin Care Therapists

We are very excited to welcome Clare Brewer and Abi Baker to our team here at The Face. Clare & Abi will be offering our clients: Skin Consultations, ZO & AlumierMD Facial Peels and The Strawberry Lift. Clare also has extensive experience in microneedling and recommends this treatment in conjunction with Facial Peels to really help combat wrinkles, fine lines and scarring.

Clare qualified as a beauty therapist years ago! (Sorry Clare!). Her love of skincare started as she watched her clients grow in confidence as their skin improved and this inspired her to study further in this field. She currently lectures in advanced skincare techniques and enjoys sharing her knowledge with up and coming skincare therapists. We know that Clare is going to be a real asset to our team here, because she shares our passion for helping people with skin conditions and maintaining skin health.

Abi has 7 years experience in the industry and when we asked her why she wanted to join us she said “ I am passionate about skincare, the results that people gain from correctly prescribed products can build their confidence and make them feel fabulous and I love being a part of that” She is looking forward to expanding her knowledge from Chrissy & Clare and learning new and advanced techniques that becoming available here.

Your Safety First

All the Staff at The Face and Chrissy’s dental practice, Stock Road Surgery joined forces to update our First Aid Training.

It is such a serious subject, but we had great fun, while we split into teams to practice what would happen in various emergency situations. The good news is……we passed with flying colours!!

Your safety is our priority. We are Save Face registered which means that we have been independently assessed against a robust set of standards in order to be certified as Save Face Accredited.
Save Face is a Professional Standards Authority accredited register and is recognised by the Government, The Department of Health and NHS England as well as signposted on NHS Choices.

When choosing a Facial Aesthetics Practitioner, always make sure they have the knowledge and tools to be able to look after you in the unlikely event that an emergency situation occurs.

Facial peels

A crucial part of skincare maintenance……from Red Carpet Facials to Deep Peels.

What is a Facial Peel?
Peels are a crucial part of skin care maintenance that allow the skin to rejuvenate. Dead skin cells from the surface of the skin are removed to allow new healthy cells to grow back, resulting in fresher, smoother looking skin. Facial Peels can also help to treat blemishes, scars and help reduce the signs of ageing. We have a range of Facial Peels available at The Face, from Red Carpet Peels to deep peels performed by our aesthetic clinician. The ZO Skin Health and Medical range also offer at home peel products. We can recommend the right peel for you during your consultation.

Zo Stimulator Peel
This is the perfect Red Carpet or Lunchtime peel with no downtime. This is a favourite before big events such as a wedding, leaving you with a glowing rejuvenated complexion. The ZO Stimulator Peel uses a combination of three exfoliating ingredients to remove dead-skin cells. It stimulates cell turnover for continued improvement to the skin and is great for reducing the signs of ageing and improving skin texture and tone. You will see the results with just one peel, but maximum benefits can be achieved with a series of three to four peels. We recommend that you do not use any products containing retinol for one week prior to this treatment. The treatment will take 30 minutes.

Zo Stimulator Peel with Mask
Add a mask for your specific skin type/condition for an extra special treat.

Zo Three Step Peel
The ZO 3-Step Peel is a multifunctional epidermal peel designed to provide longer lasting treatment benefits. It evens skin texture for softer, smoother, tighter looking skin. It is an ideal treatment for improving acne, melasma, sun damage, fine lines, texture roughness, large pores and dullness. It supports barrier function and improves skins ability to repair and renew itself. The Zo 3-Step Peel is suitable for any skin type, but it’s important to have well hydrated, healthy skin before the peel. We can advise on you on pre-conditioning your skin prior to your peel at your consultation. We would expect peeling and redness after this treatment to last for 2-5 days.

Alumier Peels
AlumierMD offers light to medium depth peels known for their excellent results and safety profile. Repeated treatments for progressive and gradual results avoid side effects and downtime associated with deeper peels.

Zo skin care

Advanced skin care products for every day skin care maintenance to skin problems such as acne and pigmentation

At The Face we are proud to be registered and qualified to prescribe ZO Skin Health and ZO Medical skin solutions for our clients.

What is ZO Skin Care?
Zo Skin Health Inc is a highly innovative and progressive health and therapeutic skin care company founded by Dr Zein Obagi.

How Does it Work?
When over the counter products are applied to the outer surface of the human body, they do not pass through the dermal-epidermal junction of the skin barrier. Zo products contain highly active ingredients that pass through the epidermis and work effectively deep within the dermis. Over the counter products typically address the skin surface and symptoms without improving cellular function or overall skin condition. ZO products are based on highly active ingredients that improve the function of the skin as well as being advantageous in preventing premature ageing.

What Can Be Treated?
Every Day Skin Care Maintenance
Ageing (Fine Lines & Wrinkles)
Oily Skin
Sun Damage & Age Spots

Zo Medical Consultations
Zo Skin Health believes in the philosophy of turning skin inside out rather than quick fixes. All our staff at The Face are ZO trained to advise on every day skin care maintenance using the ZO Skin Health products. Zo Medical products can only be prescribed by aesthetic doctors due to their powerful active ingredients. All our clients will receive a tailor-made skin care regime, so if you are interested or would would like to book a consultation please contact us.

For Men

Facial Aesthetics and Skin Care is not just for women. Find out more about our popular treatments for men.

Facial Aesthetic Treatments are becoming increasingly popular amongst men……you just wouldn’t know because it’s one of the best kept secrets! At The Face, you will be visiting a clinical environment where our priority is to make sure you feel comfortable with the treatments we recommend for you and discretion is guaranteed.

What are the areas most commonly treated in men?
Men are commonly concerned with frown and forehead lines, double chins/undefined jawlines and facial redness or scarring. However, their main concern is keeping a masculine look, or perhaps more definition to achieve a chiselled look.

Are the treatments the same as for women?
No! Although the treatments and products used are the same, men have stronger muscles and tend to have thicker skin, so it is important to receive treatment from a professional who understands the difference between treating men and women.

Which treatments would be right for me?
Your individual treatment options will be discussed with you at your free consultation, with no obligation, but detailed below are our popular treatments for men.

Frown & Forehead Lines


Helps repair damaged skin. Ideal for treating acne scarring and sun damaged skin.

What is PRP?
PRP stands for Protein Rich Plasma, but this treatment is sometimes known as the “Vampire Face Lift’. This involves a small amount of your blood being taken. The extracted plasma and plasma cells containing platelets, growth factors and active proteins are injected back into your skin, giving you a natural glow and rejuvenated, smoother, younger looking skin.

How Does it Work?
Platelets play a critical role in tissue repair and regeneration. Platelets are involved in clotting and wound healing, so they naturally stimulate the natural healing of troubled skin. It is important to understand that this treatment doesn’t give “plumper skin” like fillers, it is aiding to repair damaged skin, so is an ideal treatment for acne scarring. It minimises signs of ageing and sun damaged skin, leaving an even skin tone.

How Long Will it Last?
We recommend if you have never had the treatment before, to have 3 treatments about 4-6 weeks apart for the best results. The results should then last for 12-18 months.

Does it Hurt?
A topical anaesthetic is used so the treatment should not be painful

What Areas Can be Treated
Any area of the body can benefit from PRP injections, but commonly the areas we treat are the face, neck and jaw line.

During & After Treatment
The treatment takes about 60 minutes and you should be able to return to work immediately.  A small volume of blood is taken in the same way as a standard blood test and this is separated using a centrifuge.  Your own platelets are then injected back into the areas of your skin being treated using a fine needle. You may experience mild bruising at the injection site, but this should diminish quickly. You shouldn’t have saunas or facials for 2 weeks after the treatment. We will give you a full list of do’s and don’ts & after care advice, but if you are concerned about anything, please call us.

Mesotherapy & Microneedling

A skin rehydrating and rejuvenating treatment. Reduces wrinkles and can be used under the eye area.

What is Mesotherapy?
Mesotherapy provides the skin with a cocktail of vitamins, minerals and amino acids to rehydrate the skin and repair imperfections.

How Does it Work?
Mesotherapy promotes the production of collagen and elastin, stimulating the skins metabolism. It gives the skin a boost to look brighter, feel firmer and fade the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Mesotherapy has been used for decades to target cellulite and fatty tissue, it also improves blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, combined with helping skin elasticity it is an ideal treatment for stretch marks and acne scarring.

How Long Will It Last?
Results of Mesotherapy are expected to last for 12-18 months

Does it Hurt?
A topical anaesthetic is applied to the area so the treatment should not be painful

What Areas Can Be Treated?
Mesotherapy can help any part of the face or body including fine lines under the eyes and nose to mouth area.

During & After Treatment
A series of micro injections are applied at the epidermal layer of the skin. The treatment takes 30-60 minutes depending on the area that is treated and you should be able to return to work immediately. Small bruising may occur at the injection site and we recommend you drink plenty of water and lead a healthy lifestyle to enhance the results of your treatment. We will give you a full list of do’s and don’ts & after care advice, but if you are concerned about anything, please call us. The results are quick and long lasting.