Microblading is a technique used in permanent cosmetics to create natural looking eyebrows.

What is Microblading?
Microblading is a technique used in permanent cosmetics to create natural looking eyebrows. Using a small specially designed ‘blade’ to imitate natural eyebrow hairs, microblading creates fine crisp hair strokes that look natural but gives you the shape you’ve always desired.

How long does it last?
Everyone’s skin is unique to them, therefore acts differently so it can vary. Typically you will need a colour boost every 12-18 months, however some may be able to go longer and some not as a long.

At your initial consultation your permanent cosmetics technician will discuss longevity with you.

Does it hurt?
Topical anaesthetic is applied to make the treatment as comfortable as possible.

Would Microblading be right for me?
Microblading is suitable for almost anyone. Whether it be that you’ve over plucked in the past or have uneven shape or sparse brows that won’t grow. It’s also suitable due to medical reasons such as alopecia. Great for reducing the time you spend applying make up or boosting your confidence! We offer a free consultation to discuss whether the treatment is right for you with no obligation.

Will my eyebrows be perfect immediately after the treatment?
The first thing to remember is that eyebrows are sisters not twins! Saying that, time is spent before the treatment commences discussing with you desired shape and drawing on a template to ensure they are as symetrical as possible before making it permanent.

You also need to take into account healing time, your eyebrows will look darker than expected at first and tiny scabs form as the skin repairs itself.

You will be required to have a top up appointment 4-6 weeks after the initial treatment, at this appointment your permanent cosmetics technician will assess if there needs to be any additional hair strokes placed, if the colour needs to be darker and if any strokes are uneven in colour. Therefore, be prepared that in total it may be 12 weeks before you see the final outcome.

During & After the treatment
Expect your treatment to take around 2 hours in total. We are trained by and use the award winning KB Pro, which offer high quality, pharmaceutical pigments for long lasting and even colour in a huge variety of shades to match you perfectly. We will give you detailed after care advice, but if you are concerned about anything, please call us.