Anti-ageing skin care treatment that stimulates the body to to produce its own elastin and collagen. Rejuvenates skin and reduces wrinkles.

What is Profhilo?
Profhilo is a Bioremodelling technique that acts directly onto skin laxity. It produces great results by lifting and tightening the skin that becomes looser and thinner as part of the ageing process.
It is composed of a highly pure grade hyaluronic acid that is heat treated and stimulates the body to produce its own collagen and elastin. Unlike regular dermal fillers, it treats loose skin and improves sagging by tightening wrinkles rather than just filling them.

How Does it Work?
It nourishes the dermal cells and restores both firmness and skin tone to remodel your look. Profhilo is one of our most popular treatments at The Face, due to its amazing results.

How Long Will it Last?
We recommend that you have two treatments, 4 weeks apart. Chrissy Says “After 4 weeks, my patients should see an improvement in fine lines and tightness of their skin. After 8 weeks there’s is definite lifting and tightening of the skin. It is more youthful and will have better hydration. Results should last 6-9 months.”

Does It Hurt?
Profhilo should not be painful and does not require any anaesthetic

What Areas Can Be Treated?
Profhilo can be used to treat skin laxity in the following areas:
Cheeks, jowls, neck, arms, hands and décolletage

During & After Treatment
The treatment takes about 30 minutes, and you can return to work immediately. Tiny bumps/bruises may occur at the injection site but should diminish within 24 hours. We will give you a full list of do’s and don’ts & after care advice, but if you are concerned about anything, please call us.

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