Helps repair damaged skin. Ideal for treating acne scarring and sun damaged skin.

What is PRP?
PRP stands for Protein Rich Plasma, but this treatment is sometimes known as the “Vampire Face Lift’. This involves a small amount of your blood being taken. The extracted plasma and plasma cells containing platelets, growth factors and active proteins are injected back into your skin, giving you a natural glow and rejuvenated, smoother, younger looking skin.

How Does it Work?
Platelets play a critical role in tissue repair and regeneration. Platelets are involved in clotting and wound healing, so they naturally stimulate the natural healing of troubled skin. It is important to understand that this treatment doesn’t give “plumper skin” like fillers, it is aiding to repair damaged skin, so is an ideal treatment for acne scarring. It minimises signs of ageing and sun damaged skin, leaving an even skin tone.

How Long Will it Last?
We recommend if you have never had the treatment before, to have 3 treatments about 4-6 weeks apart for the best results. The results should then last for 12-18 months.

Does it Hurt?
A topical anaesthetic is used so the treatment should not be painful

What Areas Can be Treated
Any area of the body can benefit from PRP injections, but commonly the areas we treat are the face, neck and jaw line.

During & After Treatment
The treatment takes about 60 minutes and you should be able to return to work immediately.  A small volume of blood is taken in the same way as a standard blood test and this is separated using a centrifuge.  Your own platelets are then injected back into the areas of your skin being treated using a fine needle. You may experience mild bruising at the injection site, but this should diminish quickly. You shouldn’t have saunas or facials for 2 weeks after the treatment. We will give you a full list of do’s and don’ts & after care advice, but if you are concerned about anything, please call us.

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