Fotona Laser 4D® Facelift

Fotona 4D® is a ground breaking non surgical facelifting procedure resulting in a rejuvenated natural looking appearance. This treatment is ideal if you are looking for a non invasive, safer anti-aging option.

What is Fotona 4D®?

This treatment uses the cutting edge, patented advancements of Fotona lasers to give incredible results without downtime.

The Fotona 4D® treatment strengthens collagen and lifts the skin by collagen contraction. New Collagen production is also stimulated, resulting in tightness and increased elasticity of your skin. The synergistic laser treatments treat both the exterior of the face as well as the interior oral cavity to produce results from both inside and out.

Treatments have the ability to be tailored to the individual allowing versatility in the procedures and treatments, giving incredible skin tightening results which are natural as it has stimulated your own collagen to tighten and plump the skin.

The overall result is tightening, volumising and restoring collagen to the face which reduces the depth of the nasolabial and marionette lines (the lines from nose to lips, and lips to chin), and helps restore lip volume. The treatment will also improve your skin tone and texture.

• Tightening and volumisation without the need for fillers or toxins
• A full lifting treatment from the inside out
• Immediate rejuvenation, tightening and glow
• Improved skin complexion
• Little or no downtime
• No surgery, needles or anesthesia

How many Treatments Will I Need?
We recommend 3 treatments 4-6 weeks apart for optimal results. There are some noticeable minor improvements after a week but the greater improvements are 4-6 weeks after the first procedure, improvement will build with additional treatments and even after the treatment series is completed you will continue to see ongoing improvements for up to 9-10 months due to collagen and elastin regeneration.

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