Improving your skin with Skinade

We had heard a lot about Skinade here at The Face, so we thought we would find out more about it. We were a bit sceptical about it and the only way to see what all the fuss was about was to try it ourselves! If its Victoria Beckham’s secret then we want that secret too.

Well, we are very pleased to report that we have all found an improvement in our skin, hair and nail quality and there have been other benefits too, which, when considering that it is the equivalent of taking 20 vitamin supplements, we shouldn’t be surprised.

It is a pleasant drink that tastes like mango squash and comes in ready made bottles or handy travel sachets to mix with water.

It certainly looks like we have another addition to our personal monthly maintenance programmes!!

For more information about Skinade, please call us on 01277 563635

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