Karen’s Facial Aesthetic Journey

Hi, I am Karen and I have the enviable task of managing Chrissy’s Facial Aesthetic Clinic… a job which I love.
New clients that come to the clinic are naturally nervous and are keen to hear about the treatments that we have personally had, (maybe I need to stop telling them I’m really 70!)
I’ll reveal my own skin care and facial aesthetic journey here in my tell all blog :-0

Two years ago, when I helped Chrissy to open The Face, I had never had any type of facial aesthetic treatment – although looking back at the “before”photos it was evident that I needed it 🤣.

Chrissy advised me to start by changing my skin care routine (which was pretty non-existent anyway). I’d generally buy an expensive cream and when I didn’t become Angelina Jolie overnight the Product would be left to reside in my bedside drawer with the rest of the boots beauty counter!
After a consultation with Chrissy I began using ZO Skin Health anti-ageing products at home and kick started it with an in-clinic ZO Red Carpet Peel. Wow! My skin felt brand new!
I quickly got used to my AM and PM routine, my skin felt smoother and hydrated almost immediately and it is reassuring to know that what you are putting on your skin is actually doing something rather than just sitting on the top of it. (Or in my drawer!) I quickly noticed a difference and the longer term results are fantastic and I often get complimented on how my skin looks now.

I was quite nervous about going down the Botox route and once again took Chrissy’s advice and started with just my Crows Feet. People commented that I looked “fresher”, to which I replied “its the Botox!!” Loving my fresh new look I now regularly have Botox for my Crows Feet, Frown, Forehead, Chin and Jawline (to help with my saggy jowls). Chrissy is so careful with the amount she uses so that it looks natural – I still like movement and I didn’t want the frozen look which some people prefer. Even my husband, who was very worried about me looking too different, (at least thats what he told me) now lets me know when it has worn off 🙄.

When we introduced the new Strawberry Lift treatment, which is a non-invasive treatment for double chin and jawline toning, I was first in the queue to be a model on our training day. I think that those sagging jowls we get when we are older, are more of an age giveaway than wrinkles, so anything to help my jawline was very gratefully received! I could see the results after the first treatment, especially just under my chin. There was definitely a difference and I went on to have further treatments which were recommended for optimum results. The results are subtle, but it really has made a difference and it is a great completely painless alternative to other more invasive procedures.

The Hydrafacial, in my opinion, is a complete game changer in terms of facials. Don’t get me wrong, the Alumier and ZO facials were great and did a fantastic job on the quality of my skin, but the Hydrafacial is so different to having a manual facial. You feel as though the “little hoover” is sucking out everything bad that is in your skin (this is not the technical description for it!), Each different stage (6 in total), the machine works towards an instant glow and amazing feeling skin. The gunk tank where you can see all the rubbish that has come out is 😝… but at least you know it has worked!

I still had an area in the middle of my cheeks, that had quite deep lines when I smiled. Having seen the fantastic results Chrissy was achieving with Profhilo (which actually looks like an instagram filter), I asked Chrissy if she thought it would help those lines. Chrissy thought that the skin booster treatment Sunekos would be more effective, as it targets specific areas. I recently had 4 treatments, a week apart. There had been some debate over wether this treatment needed numbing. Chrissy (who hates hurting anyone), had been numbing all her clients prior to the injections, but the needles are so fine, she wondered if it was really necessary. The first treatment I had, we numbed one half of my face and not the other. I can honestly say there was no difference at all and went on to have the rest of my treatments without numbing cream…it felt just the same as Botox. We are still waiting for the full results to show (6 weeks after the last treatment), but so far I am delighted, and looking at other clients before and afters I’m genuinely excited. The lines are so much softer and people have already started to notice that there is something different 😃.

My latest treatment has been a bit of Cryotherapy. Clare came back from her Cryotherapy training and asked me if there was anything she could remove. So, I said “ Yep, I have a pesky little skin tag on my neck – you can take that off if you want!” It was honestly the quickest treatment I have ever had, completely painless and 2 weeks later the skin tag had gone. Follow us on social media (@thefaceessex) and you will be able to see my video selfie of the treatment if you want to see it in action.

So what’s next for 2020……
I am still very tempted to have a threadlift this year as seeing Chrissy’s amazing results you can’t help but get the “I want that new fresh feeling too!” It could rid my Face of any remaining bits of saggy jowls and help my nasolabial folds…. or maybe some cheek filler 🤔. Actually, it will be whatever Chrissy advises.
I would definitely like Abi to Microblade by eyebrows, to save me from spending so much time pencilling them in every morning and just having defined eyebrows seems to give a more youthful look. That’s if she gets a spare appointment for me… word has got round how amazing her work is and she is very busy.
There is a new treatment that I can’t wait to try this year. The Fat Loss Injections 😆. Watch this space as Chrissy tackles my tummy – good luck with that one Chrissy.

So, it just leaves me to say thank you to Chrissy and our Skin Care Therapists for all the fabulous treatments and letting me be a guinea pig for some of them – it’s tough job but someone has to do it 😉

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